Thursday, January 26, 2012

how I made the paintings that are Sextet

Sextet is made of of (6) 14" high by 11" wide paintings on 1.5" deep canvases. It is based on streets in Mexico and the color of houses and walls. One of the paintings, is titled Blanca and it is a doorway on a street in San Miguel Allende. I photographed it and inspired by the colors I created a small paper collage. In my collage the gray concrete next to the door became white so I titled it Blanca. Here is the painting of Blanca, the photo and the collage.
I am installing Sextet in an order I fancy in the Ice Breakers show but I think it is only one of many possible ways to display the paintings, which could each stand alone too. I like the idea that someone could buy a few and create their own installation.

Here is the painting, the photo and the collage. Photo on the right, collage on the left. On the top is the finished painting for Blanca, the first of the 6 paintings that make up Sextet.

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