Tuesday, June 23, 2009

DIA Beacon

from one of my favorite blogs, Tyler Green's Modern Art Notes: 2.) The only two places in America that are whiter and more male than the National Gallery of Art's American galleries are Tom Tancredo's imagination and Dia Beacon. There is a temporary Zoe Leonard exhibition on view, an inexplicable Antoni Tapies mini-show (a Dia curator has an appointment at the Reina Sofia...) and Louise Bourgeois is in the attic. As I Tweeted on Friday: Anne Truitt belongs in Beacon.
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Saturday, June 20, 2009

DeKooning American Master

I finished this 600 + page book this week and have been participating in a Twitter book club reading it. The Twitter experience was novel- the 160 character limit to posts certainly kept long winded discourse to a minimum.
The book is extraordinary and I recommend it to anyone. For artists, it is an insightful look into the art and life of a seminal painter written by two critics who offer penetrating analysis of his painting. For others, it provides a wonderful introduction to the development of abstract expressionism which brought the US to the forefront of painting. It reads like a novel. I expected it to be a slog but I tore through it in a week. If you want to read some of the comments on Twitter check out #dekooning on the subject line.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Summer art market

I did my first outdoor art market this weekend and loved the experience, except the tornado. Actually, a funnel cloud sighting shut the market down 1 hour early, but luckily no tornado.
It was fun to meet people and many artists stopped by to look at and comment on my work. I love the feedback and love the fact that some people bought paintings. the whole experience is so much friendlier than galleries. Some new collectors purchased work and a second piece from a collector who bought one 2 years ago. It sure makes you feel good- I have one more event this week and we have another houseguest at the end of the week, but I will get back to the studio and painting pronto, I hope...