Sunday, May 24, 2009


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Rome to me is a place of neighborhoods where monuments are part of the background.

Rome, Mexico and painting

My painting reflect an important time in my life; one year of study at the Academy of Fine Arts, Rome and the University of Rome. The development of perspective during the Renaissance in Italy, particularly the work of the Quattrocento artists, Brunelleschi and Masaccio has always interested me. I find that the imperfections of the perspective in early Renaissance work compelling because it reflects the humanity in the work, the touch of the hand as opposed to the rigid formality of linear perspective that can drain the life from a painting. My paintings also reflect my interest in the geometry I see in indigenous architecture, particularly in small villages in Mexico and Italy.

Since that early experience in Rome, four decades ago, I have been immersed in contemporary art. Only in the past few years have I found a way to merge both interests into my paintings. By eliminating most natural forms, nature and the human figure, I have tried to humanize architecture and allow color and perspective to create dynamic compositions. I believe they have a life of their own.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The future of arts journalism

Read an excellent overview of the prospects for the future of arts writing at
The Internet offers great opportunities for arts coverage but the central issue of how to pay writers and critics remains. I spent 5 years struggling to make a living as an itinerant critic/writer and it wasn't easy. I was paid as little as $25 an article at some places. Magazines paid better and adding adjunct teaching gigs and other things barely brought in an income of below poverty level. However, artists need arts writers, not just to publicize exhibitions but to offer discussion, analysis and commentary. We don't always like what they write, but imagine the echoing silence of no arts commentary...

Friday, May 8, 2009

Intracoastal 12" x24"


still working on the 12" x24" size. This is a view of the Intracoastal waterway in Florida where we spent Easter.
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