Saturday, November 5, 2011

newest painting

I called this Halloween because I finished it on October 31st. I see little things I would like to fiddle with but I am leaving it be for now and just happy to be back to painting.


myer nore said...

What are the dimensions? I find the aspect ratio compelling because of how you have blocked over the horizontal slash to eschew landscape. The ratio reminds me of Pollock's "Untitled (Composition with Ritual Scene)" [0][5]. I also like the "emergencies" - and by that I mean the things that emerge, like the glint of blue in the dark center pylon, or the woodgrain-esque smear and lensflair-esque starband in the rightmost seventh. I love the play with backlighting and layering; your depth work in the dark panel reminds me of Larry Roots' translucent work with shoe polish and lexan [1][2][3][4], while the patchy olive in the left block ascends to a top, flat surface. There are so many surfaces and implications of texture. I'm not sure I jive with the triangles in the red, though they successfully trounce the dominant perpendicularity. I like how the black sash is singed and animated by the yellow / red. I wish I could see it in person.


Katharine Smith-Warren said...

Hi Myer- enjoyed your comments. the painting is 20" x60" and it is a ratio I like working with.
Took a look at Larry Roots work which is masterful but seems more lyrical than mine. The surfaces really are important and digital images don't really convey that.